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Happy Birthday, Issa Rae!

2021-01-12 15 Dailymotion

Happy Birthday,
Issa Rae!.
Jo-Issa Rae Diop turns
36 years old today.
Here are five things you
may not have known
about the comedian.
1. Her name, Jo-Issa, is
based on her grandmothers’
names, Joyce and Isseu.
2. Rae got her big break on YouTube from her popular web series, 'Awkward Black Girl.'.
3. Her memoir,
‘The Misadventures of
Awkward Black Girl,' is a
New York Times bestseller.
4. She would cast Marsai Martin
to be in a movie about her life.
5. Rae’s favorite fast-food
chain is Taco Bell.
Happy Birthday,
Issa Rae!