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Marriages and Indonesia’s Food Waste Problem

2018-06-20 109 Dailymotion

In the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia's poor are getting a taste of how the other half live thanks to a new programme that aims to take a bite out of its mammoth food-waste problem. Indonesia's 260 million citizens each throw out an average of almost 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of food annually, ahead of the United States in third spot, the survey said.The country's food waste problem can be partly chalked up to local hospitality, which calls for ample helpings at all celebrations.Hosts often err on the side of abundance, and many hungry revellers' eyes are bigger than their stomachs -- meaning lots of uneaten food.Globally, about 30 percent of food produced every year is tossed out or spoiled -- about 1.3 billion tonnes -- which translates into some $1 trillion in economic costs, according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Association.