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How To Be A Water Influencer w/ Danny Gonzalez

2021-11-24 47,147 265 518,190 YouTube

Go to to save 15% off your order! Danny & Nick go back to the influencer lifestyle and try to become a Water Sommelier. SUBSCRIBE TO THE LET'S PLAY CHANNEL: SECOND CHANNEL: HE SAID US?: SUBSCRIBE TO DANNY HE ONLY HAS FIVE MILLION SUBS: FOLLOW MARTIN RIESE: edited by: my new music: twitch:​ patreon:​ instagram:​ discord: twitter:​ tiktok: everything else: Intro 0:00 Water Quiz 2:57 Martin's TikToks 6:07 nickisnotgaming! 7:55 Martin's TikToks Cont. 8:46 Martin On TV 12:49 Interview With Martin 17:06 Water Tasting 27:50 Outro 38:23