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Quarantine (This is a Plague)

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We've already begun test shoots for the final shot list. A lot of our pre-production meetings have been divided between reviewing test footage like what you see here and rehearsals. "..their very presence will wreck it." Written by Paul Notice Katrina Reid Created by Paul Notice Katrina Reid Glenn Quentin Pierre Jean Gonzalez I'm currently in the 23rd draft of a feature horror film that I began writing at the beginning of New York's Stay-At-Home order in March 2020. As a Black Queer filmmaker, I’m processing a lot of what’s happening today through film & writing. And there’s a line that’s been echoing in my ear, as of late: ⁣ “It comes as a great shock⁣ Around the age of five, or six, or seven.⁣ To discover the flag, in which you have pledge allegiance ⁣ Along with everybody else.⁣ Has NOT pledge allegiance to you..”⁣ - James Baldwin ⁣ ⁣ This is childhood trauma. And growing up in St. Louis I’ve experienced so much of it, as the token black child - from kids spitting in my hair brush, to a classmate writing “Paul is a c*ck-sucking n*gger" on my gym locker. We encounter that trauma so EARLY as black folx. And I wanted to capture that somehow, and tie it into a narrative that explores it somehow. Weathering. So, I’ve been developing an experimental horror film, called “Their Very Presence Will Wreck It.” with Katrina Reid, Glenn Quentin George & Pierre Jean Gonzalez⁣. They're all fellow artists of color whose lives were impacted by COVID. ⁣ �� By the way, that title is from a debate James Baldwin participated in at Cambridge University in 1965:⁣ ⁣ “Until this moment, there is scarcely any hope of the American dream. Because those people who are denied participation in it, by their very presence, will wreck it, and that will be a grave moment for the West.”⁣ ⁣ - James Baldwin Since I'm the only experienced DP in the group, it's been a struggle to handle the cinematography for the scenes I'm acting in. This grant would cover the expenses needed to hire an experienced DP to shoot the scenes where I'm acting. That's it. It'll help me make this project come together.